Passion | Particulier
When passion is the essence of your love, nothing is more exciting than your wedding day. At the Forum: Place for luxury. Driven by a passion for perfection, we offer you high quality services including refined savory bites, tasty and delicious pastries, and various floral and luminous decoration choices to enlighten your evening. Romance and unforgettable memories guaranteed! Genuinely and passionately!
  • Unlimited mineral water
  • Mint tea with pine nuts
  • 2 services of fresh fruit juice (kiwi, strawberry, fresh lemonade, other flavors of your choice depending on the season)
  • Mixed nuts (25g / per person)
  • Tunisian pastries (maximum of 3) from GOURMANDISE
  • Hazelnut and almond Baklava
  • Mixed pastries (pine nut square + nut bourgeoise+ pistachio kaak mrachek + almond Bjawia + Raw Almond Mlabess)
  • Almond Kaak warka
  • Tiered cake design and flavor of your choice from GOURMANDISE
  • Prune or pineapple spiced marinated chicken skewers
  • Sweet verrines (Tiramisu, Strawberry, Chocolate, other flavors of your choice)
  • Our selection of savory bites from GOURMANDISE (maximum of 3)
  • Crunchy shrimp malsouqa
  • Podium for bride and groom furnished with floral or luminous decoration of your choice
  • Table toppings of your choice silver, white, or gold
  • Floral centerpieces or luminous decoration of your choice
  • Floral decoration on staircase handrail (Supreme) or in the space entrance (Prestige)
  • Experienced Maître d’hôtel and qualified waiters depending on the number of guests
  • Ambient color lighting of your choice
  • Enhanced outdoor security
  • Wedding night at a 5-star hotel in Gammarth in a floral decorated executive double bedroom with breakfast and sea view
  • Mixed nuts (40g / per person)
  • Cold Canapés (maximum of 2)
    • Smoked salmon rosette and fresh dill butter toast
  • Our selection of savory bites from GOURMANDISE (maximum of 6)
  • Bnadek – Meatballs on a pick
  • Beef mini-skewers
  • The chef’s verrine of your choice: chicken, beef, shrimp, or salmon
  • Tiramisu Sweet verrines
      Prices are for 200pax PRESTIGE GF venue (maximum capacity 300pax):
    • * Out of summer season
9 090 DT 10 530 DT 11 940DT
    • * Summer starting June 21 st until September 20 th
11 530 DT 12 940 DT
      Prices are for 200pax SUPREME first floor venue (maximum capacity 600pax):
    • * Out of summer season
10 090 DT 11 530 DT 12 940 DT
    • * Summer starting June 21 st until September 20 th
12 530 DT 13 940 DT
(Quoted prices are for 200pax, contact us if more visitors)