Pleasure | Particulier
You wish to organize a successful wedding ceremony and make it a memorable evening. The FORUM team is committed to offer you a unique wedding, planned with fanciness and professionalism and guarantees you a classy service that exceeds that of a 5 star hotel*****.
    • Unlimited mineral water
    • Mint tea with pine nuts
    • Fresh fruit juice (strawberry, fresh lemonade, cocktail)
    • Tunisian pastries (maximum of 3) from GOURMANDISE
    • Hazelnut and almond Baklava
    • Mixed pastries (pine nut square + nut bourgeoise+ pistachio kaak mrachek + almond Bjawia + Raw Almond Mlabess)
    • Almond Kaak warka
    • Our selection of savory bites from GOURMANDISE (maximum of 3)
    • Bride and groom sofa (without decoration)
    • White tablecloths
    • Floral centerpieces
    • Experienced Maître d’hôtel and qualified waiters depending on the number of guests
    • Ambient color lighting of your choice
    • Enhanced security on the outside
  • Baklaoua noisette amande
  • Gâteaux Mixtes (carré pignon + bourgeoise noix + kaak mrachek pistache + Bjaouia amande +Mlabess amande cru)
  • Kaak warka amande
  • Notre Sélection de délicieuses bouchées Salées de GOURMANDISE (3 / pax)
  • Fauteuil mariés fournis (sans décoration)
  • Nappes blanches
  • Décoration centre de table fleurie
  • Maitre d'hôtel expérimenté et serveurs qualifiés selon le nombre d'invités
  • Ambiance lumière de couleur au choix
  • Sécurité renforcée à l'extérieur
  • 2 nd service mixture between Juice and soft drinks
  • Tiered cake design and flavor of your choice from GOURMANDISE
  • Mixed nuts (25g / per person)
  • Sweet verrines ( Strawberry, Chocolate, other flavors of your choice)
  • Podium for bride and groom furnished with floral or luminous decoration of yourchoice
  • Table toppings of your choice silver, white, or gold
  • Floral centerpieces or luminous decoration of your choice
  • Floral centerpieces or luminous decoration of your choice
  • Floral decoration on staircase handrail (Supreme) or in the space entrance (Prestige)
      Prices are for 200pax PRESTIGE GF venue (maximum capacity 300pax):
    • * Out of summer season
5 470DT 6 490 DT 7 480DT
    • * Summer starting June 21 st until September 20 th
7 490 DT 8 460 DT
      Prices are for 200pax SUPREME first floor venue (maximum capacity 600pax):
    • * Out of summer season
6 490 DT 7 490 DT 8 480DT
    • * Summer starting June 21 st until September 20 th
8 490 DT 9 480 DT
(Quoted prices are for 200pax, contact us if more visitors)